10 years GEWOON


GEWOON is a Dutch designlabel making home products and accessories such as cushions, keyhangers and rosettes. Most of the products are made of felt. This year owners Loes Wagemans and Ellis Rowold are celebrating their 10th anniversary and will launch a few new products.

Look at their website to take a look at their products.

tracy kendall

Ever looking for some nice wallpaper for your home.....You should have a look at Tracy Kendall. She translates elements of the interior into wallpaper which can then be re-introduced back into the room. Just have a look and get the most wonderful ideas.

spring is in the air...

It's lovely weather here, the sun is shining, birds are whistling and the landscape is becoming so beautiful. Bought some flowers to bring my home in this spring feeling...

120° CoatHook


This coathook is from the Belgian designer Deneufbourg, Benoit. It is made of 3 wooden elements that together create a mini structure. Clothing can be put at the different ends of this coathook. It only costs 16 euro's and can be bought at sitondesign. Is't it just a lovely way of hanging your coat....??? 



Last week it was my birthday and I got just the most wonderful gift of a friend of mine. It 's a tea towel made of 100% organic cotton by ferm-living. Take a look at their website and discover more Home Fashion and beautiful products.

Elle Inside Design 2008


It has already been a while when the Elle Inside Design 2008 happened. But I found these pictures in my archive and did not want to keep it from you....Elle Inside is always such a nice event. For more information about it look at http://www.elle.nl/inside_design

A message...


Hereby, I.......
swear to take care
of this product,
in good times and in
bad times, to follow
it's care instructions 
and treat it with respect

I do.

One of my favourites shops Sissy Boy (Homeland) always looks for that little detail added to it's products...It makes you smile don't you think?



Just love the movie, the song & the interior. Look yourself...



One dress, endless possibilities

Emami is a new and fresh brand from Reykjavik, Iceland. Emami cooperates with young, innovative icelandic designers in making unique quality clothing based on the theme of limitlessness and multifunction. I just love this design and will soon see it in real where I just became a member of JAN magazine (one of my favourite magazines)with this dress as a very nice present.
Look at Emami Fashion to see more of it.

colour inspiration


I just love the colours in this photo. It makes just a beautiful colour card. I will make one these days....

By the way found this great tool to make polaroids through Pia Jane's blog...see @my bloglist.


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