Spun lamp by the Evie group


The Spun lamp is one of the latest new designs by the Evie group.

Inspired by the traditional wooden spinning top, the lamp can be positioned in an upward or downward manner, changing the way of light. Or use it as a pendant if you like...

Love this new design...take a look at the website for more pictures and extra information.

April & May hearts


This made me smile

1. children's bedroom through Annaleenas Hem
2. flag stand by Herriot Grace
3. Little heart bags through Hello Naomi
4. DIY bench through VT wonen

Black & White apartment


A consistent color palette of black & white in this apartment located in Milan. Especially love the map of Italy in the different frames....

Images through MarieclaireMaison

Fresh Magazine


Came across these wonderful images from a food magazine called Fresh Magazine.
Loving the beautiful shot images, the use of different typography and all these colors and close shots...

You can order a copy of this magazine for only $5  in print or digital.

Images found through Trendland

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. DIY table by IKEA through Remodelista
2. Painted logs through Kedvenc Otthon
3. Sea Urchin friends by Yuki Nobuko
4. Bubble Line by Veerle van Overloop through Storewithoutahome



Repeating forms and objects make a true statement on this wall.

Love the repeating of the little wall shelves and the use of the same bowls on it. Together with the ladder is becomes something graphic...

I am inspired...

Image through interiordecline

Inspiration by Canvas


The new Canvas catalogue Vol. 3 is out with some wonderful images to inspire you.
Great styling and beautiful products....Take a look yourself.

Images through Canvas

The old-fashioned bath tub restyled


100% love for this bath tub by Agape, designed by Patricia Urquiola.
A contemporary re-styling of the old-fashioned bathtub.

And how great is it that we are using this bath tub for an interior project we are working on...

Image through Agape

American Vintage


American Vintage shows some beautiful and inspiring images and styling in their new winter lookbook.
Loving the raw feeling, colors and item used in these pictures.

Images through American Vintage

autumn is in the air


Autumn is in the air...and makes me want to stay in bed longer.

Really getting in the mood by these images of adding warm and touchy items around the home and bedroom. Loving the warm feeling of these images with the use of soft textiles, greys, blues and warm hues, lots of cushions, plaids and some beautiful lighting.

Are you also getting in the mood?

Images through Skonahem

Dixie Interior Sweden


I already posted the second image earlier in one of my April & May hearts posts. Loved the wire text on the wall. Dixie Interior Sweden is a home accessory company with some beautiful products inspired by nature or made by recycled materials.

And I am happy to tell you that some of the products are available through Accessorize your Home, a dutch online shop that is the first in the Netherlands to offer you a selection of their products.

So for all you Dutch readers...take a look at the shop. I especially love the wire texts and the white ceramic vases.

Images through Dixie Interior and Accessorize your Home

I am back...


Hello you all! I am back from our holiday where we enjoyed lots of sun, sea and the beach.

Hope you all liked the posts Tyner did for April & May. I sure enjoyed them. Thanks a lot Tyner for your guestposts on the blog.

Above some images of our nice stay at the happy island Aruba.

I am back with new posts, inspiration and beautiful interior candy.

xo Jantine

Spaces by i29 Architects...


I like the beautiful and strong simplicity of these spaces designed
These spaces have a warm serenity, esthetic and intense concept....

Enjoy your weekend, Tyner

For the little ones....


I really love this woollen sleeping place for babies and I'm shore together with this lovely blanked it will bring the little ones happy dreams..... and the small bookhooks will pimp the little ones rooms as well.

1. woollen baby sleeping place www.xs-m-l.nl
2. patchwork blanked www.mevrdevries.com
3. small bookhooks www.mevrdevries.com