Enjoying some time off...need for a little break to start fresh the new year.

It's winter here but snow has not been seen for a long time...just longing for a little touch of winter this time of the year. Looking at these amazing winter landscapes and houses makes me want to be there for just a short time...

xo Jantine

1. strawberrygoldie 2. little things 3. Paul Costello 4. a restless transplant

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. little Christmas tree through moastidrom
2. life is art through tabletonic
3. winter beauty through Modernhepburn
4. wood at home through Fjeldborg

April & May favorites:


A selection of some of my favorite products from the shop of April & May friend All to get your home a bit in the winter mood...

1. Fire Up campfire by Evelien Stamhuis
2. Masterpieces patters sheet by Ulrike Jurklies
3. Rabbit plate by Hollandschewaaren
4. Bird hangers by Ulrike Jurklies

Visit to find these products and more nice things...

Enjoy the magic of X-mas


The year has almost ended and ofcourse we want to wish all of you a nice Christmas.

Yesterday we finished our little x-mas shoot from Birdsintrees (styling and photography from two stylist together) and we hope you will enjoy the images. Next year more new work and a a brand new site from Birdsintrees with some nice new plans for the coming year.

Best wishes for all of you and Enjoy the magic of X-mas.

xo Jantine and Vivian

Images by Birdsintrees

Winter stories will be told


A little poem found on a label from Bastion Collection.... 100% love

made by April & May

Oi Soi Oi winter collection


Oi Soi Oi is a Danish company designing and producing interior designs, furniture, clothes and accessories. The products are all made by hand by family run workshops in the villages around Hanoi.

Their winter collection is truly beautiful and offers lots of winter and christmas inspiration. Enjoy their beautiful collection and take a look at their website for more.

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. Recycled home through Living Agency
2. Deer painting through Collectangles
3. Feather pen through Storewithoutahome
4. DIY birdy snack through Stylizimo

Femke Roefs


I recently came across the work of Femke Roefs, who studied at the Design Academie Eindhoven and has some beautiful work of her own.

The Kumi vases are made of empty jars of glass transformed into a vase. So beautiful and delicate...

Her latest work are 3D printed buttons made from renewable resources in collaboration with Leoni Werle. And not only her work is impressive but also her material studies wax and colors & concrete.

There is even more on her website with some beautiful photography as well. A very talented person with some really beautiful work. The Kumi vases are on my wishlist from now on :)

Images through Femke Roefs

Tine K home


Always inspiring... Tine K home.
These images need no words...

Images through Tine K home

a peaceful Christmas


Christmas this year for me means a peaceful, clean and minimal look around the house.
But still so beautiful and warm...Be inspired by these images.

1. Christmas collection by Walther & Co (through 79 Ideas)
2. Tree through Cathrines Hjerterom
3. Candle chandelier through Johanna Vintage
4. Sculpted Candles by Cox&Cox
5. Black stars by Cox&Cox

Corners at home...


Just some corners at home....

Love my place xo