soft nudes


Just recently I made a color trend for the Dutch site Kleurinspiratie (color inspiration). I made the choice for SOFT NUDES. You can see the complete color trend here. You can also read a small interview with me here

Subtle, balanced, modest, soft and powerful...words that pop up when looking at the sphere from the color palette Soft Nudes. Almost a neutral canvas which you can play with depending on the seasons or your own mood.

Nude colors can be used in many ways. A perfect mix of colors that count up, strengthen each other and create peace and balance in a subtle way. Choose subtle colors like shades of grey or powdery colors for your floor or walls. Aesthetic, soft and beautiful in combination with wood.

Do you need a color accent? This color palette combines perfectly with many colors. In the lighter summer period you can make it brighter by adding a color accent like a stronger apricot, but also a blue shade combines perfectly. 

Beautiful shades in the color palette also are the grayish brown shades and the subtle caramel shades combined with the powdery pink shades. Add a dark color to give it more power and a strong and graphic look.

The perfect mix can be created personally by thinking in large surfaces, subtle accents and color accents that easily can be adapted. Use this palette in combination with wood, concrete, ceramics in matte and glazed finishings and natural fabrics like linen, cotton and wool.

Are you searching for balance and peace? Choose Soft Nudes and play with it to create your perfect mix.

Image by Colour Futures 2012


tinajo said...

I think it's wonderful and calming! :-)

Elli said...

love the chairs!

premier regart said...

Wonderful colors ! I'm a huge fan of your Pinterest boards ! =)

See you !

Cosima said...

Great use of tones. I'd also like to see more people have a tidy gathering of ceramics in the middle of tables like this.