Amba Molly


This is amazing! It is a project of Amba Molly. It is like art..  I am crazy about the materials and the colors.  This is how Amba Molly describes her project : 
In my Master’s project Atlas, I visualize the dialogue between the craft world and the industrial world in the context of corpus. By looking differently at the tradition of making corpus, which has a long history, and by juxtaposing this craft world to the industrial world, I will create a visual and tactile landscape in which the aesthetics and materials of industrial and hand made objects are combined.
These combinations of materials and processes will give birth to ‘new corpus’ presented on their own landscape.


anlomar said...

Wow, this looks really different and interesting!
I like the look of the different materials.

Marine said...

So beautiful work and well described as "a visual and tactile landscape"
I really love the ones with glass.