Esthex, welcome to the high house on the hill


Welcome to the High House on the Hill!

At five in the afternoon the curtains close, the floor has been swept, the potatoes are boiling and it will be time for everyone to come home!

Love the products made my Esthex but this new and great Catalogue makes me love it even more. Great pictures, a candy for the eye :)

Images by Esthex

the home of Ilse


Today we were in the home of Ilse to shoot for a new to launch product called Hello Color, about which we tell you more in the coming weeks.

The pictures above are some left-overs we did not use in the final selection but still are very pretty.

Thank you Ilse for letting us use your wonderful home. We loved the pink en yellow at your place :)

images by April & May

Church becomes home

This beautiful home is located in Cape Town South Africa. This former church has been completely renovated and reinvented.

The beautiful arched windows give this home some original charm. Loving the character of the wooden floor, the light details and the beautiful structure of the building.

See more images here.

Found through Marie Claire Maison



Seeing all the stuff from Knot & Bow really makes me want to buy something. How can you hold yourself when seeing all this?

Wouldn't mind getting something that is wrapped with all these amazing items.

And there is even more... Take a look and be inspired by the products, colors, shapes and materials.

Spotted in SOHO


Last week I got back from a trip to NYC. Oh how I love this place with all its different spaces, streets and spots.

Spotted this amazing place walking in the streets of Soho. Love at first sight when I walked by. Raw, industrial, vintage pieces and a great vibe.

More to come next weeks with my New York finds.

Brick wall love

There is something about brick walls that I really love. It immediately gets my attention. Love that raw and industrial feeling it has. Either original or painted white I love it both.

This renovated loft in Paris shows authentic brick walls through the whole space, really keeping the original feeling of the building a live.

Love it...

Images by Nicolas Matheus, Loft design by Element-s

A kitchen in wood and concrete


There is something about this kitchen that I like...
Loving the neutral and warm colors, the use of wood and concrete and the long cabinets.

Kitchen by Modulnova

a warm and white home


This beautiful home is the perfect example of a home with lots of white but yet a warm feeling through the use of wooden furniture and some warm neutral colors throughout the whole space.

A lovely home with lots of personality, use of art and some great design pieces.

Images through Line Klein, styling by Helen Wiggers



How great are these little origami stars?

Give someone some luck and happiness with these lucky stars or just use them as decoration in your own home. They come by 100 pieces so lots of possibilities to use them...Can see them on my table all together in a large glass vase or bowl.

A little touch of stars and luck...just perfect!

Look for more here

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. balloons from the balloon bench by Satoshi Itasaka
2. Rock shelf through Rue Magazine (photo by Emily Johnston Anderson)
3. Let us make our own fairytale today by Therese Sennerholt
4. little cake flags by Herriott Grace

Dandelight by Lonneke Gordijn


We have had some really nice weather the last few days...Spring is really coming now!

With that spring feeling in mind I really want to share this magical Dandelight by Lonneke Gordijn with you. It is a dandelion light with real dandelion seeds, attached one by one onto a led light. A real piece of magic.

I especially love the Dandelight under the glass bell, that makes it a real piece of art and makes it stand out even more.

Found through

Second image by Lisa Russo photography

Hannah Lemholt


I recently discovered the blog Honeypielivingetc. and the work of Hannah Lemholt. I couldn't stop looking at all the magical pictures she made.

We had a nice chat by mail and she is a truly nice woman and I am so glad I have discovered her work and am allowed to show it too you.

Hannah you turn each image into magic, thanks for all the beauty and inspiration.

All images by Hannah Lemholt



This Japanese company emphasizes not only the historic beauty of Japan, but also the sensibility of the handicraft culture.

Creating tools for the everyday life, making daily tasks seem less ordinary. Inspired by the natural world, shaped by organic forms and painted in colors provided by the earth itself.

Above some of the products by Sfera. View the complete collection here.

Images through Sfera.

By April & May will open soon


We are so happy to tell that 2012 will be the year we start with a small shop By April & May.
We have been thinking about this for a long time and have finally decided to really do it!!!

By April & May will be a small online shop with the things we like and use in our work and really make us smile.

It will be the unique and the vintage products carefully selected by us, fitting the April & May style. And we will start with our own designed collection made by April & May.

By April & May will be a collaboration between two stylists (April & May and Lepetitbirdtoldme) and together we hope to inspire you with the little and unique things that will bring out your personality in your home and yourself.

Brought by us with lots of love BY APRIL AND MAY ♥

Image from Rum, styling by Gitte Kjaer, photography by Mikkel Rahr Mortensen

April & May hearts


This made me smile

1. Spring lunch by Canelle et Vanille
2. Flat table peeled by Jo Nagasaka
3. Pink stars through Mechant Design
4. Graphic touches by Susanna Vento