April and May hearts


This made us smile...

1. Vintage white teapot byaprilandmay a new life collection  2. Words 3. Rough from modinåkerlind  4. Vintage plate byaprilandmay a new life collection


Mariela said...

Everything look perfect!


Souraya Hassan said...

Die theepot is prachtig! Heb er zelf 1 van höganäs maar zo'n vintage exemplaar is natuurlyk ook gaaf. Fijn weekend toegewenst :)

Patricia said...

I am living in the tropical Bolivia and the style here is quite different. A lot of wood, so I am looking for ideas to combine it more freshly with
Modern things. Let' surf a bit in your blog I am shure, I'll find something.
Saludos from Santa Cruz

Mini Mocha said...

I am searching for a table just like this here in QLD Australia, may have to make one, but this is very nice.