Let the light in!


Spring is getting closer, days are getting longer, the sunshine is back in our home. We just love the natural light in the pictures above. It gives such a good atmosphere. This together with the light wood that we love- stunning!

The first image shows the Sun Tunnel by architect and designer Ross Lovegrove. Due tight spaces or close neighbors many of us are stuck with artificial light. Day light company, VELUX® solved this problem with their product, the Lovegrove Chandelier, wich can be installed anywhere and is powered by the sun. 

The last photo's are the Sunlighthouse of VELUX wich is build in 2010 in Austria. The Sunlighthouse is build according the principles of the Active House and designed by Hein Troy Architekten, they won the competition between 9 upcoming architects from Austria.
An Active House should contribute to a healty and comfortable life for their inhabitants without a negative impact on the climate and the environment.

More about beautiful projects like these, you can find on the VELUX UK website.

* This is a sponsored post.


Elina said...

I love the first image!